Introducing the first Keto Yogurt- Peak Yogurt!

I love Dairy! It is a huge part of my ketogenic lifestyle. You've seen me add heavy whipping cream, sour cream, cream cheese to a number of recipes over the years. But I had never really found a Keto Yogurt that I liked.

Until Now! Peak Yogurt is the first brand to produce a Keto Friendly Yogurt! Their Plain Yogurt fits perfectly into my Ketogenic diet.

Peak Yogurt is made with triple cream which is 17% Milk Fat. This gives the yogurt an unbelievable creaminess and lots of healthy fat. Their dairy is organic and comes from healthy grass-fed cows in Oregon.

One 5 oz container of Peak's Plain Unsweetend Yogurt has 270 calories, 24g of Fat, 8g of Protein, and 4g of Carbs. It can be enjoyed as a complete meal at home or on the go!

At the moment, Peak's Plain Unsweetend Yogurt is the only completely Keto Flavor. But the other flavors, Vanilla and Strawberry, are perfect for the non Keto members of your family.

One of my favorite ways to use Peak Yogurt is in sauces, dips, and Spreads. With Yogurt you can easily add a tangy fat to any dish. The folks at Peak Yogurt have even published some recipes for Persian Yogurt Dip, Caper and Dill Spread, and Tzatziki Sauce.

Peak Yogurt is so easy to get. Just visit the Peak Yogurt website, choose your order size, and wait. The order will be delivered directly to your door with their 2-day temperature controlled shipping.

The folks at Peak Yogurt have extended a discount. You can now get 15% off your entire order with the code KETOINTHECITY.

Let me know what you think about Peak Yogurt and don't forget to use the code KETOINTHECITY for a sweet discount.