Choc Zero has Keto Chocolate Chips and My Recipe is on the Back of the Bag!

Something truly awesome happened this week! Choc Zero, my go to Keto Chocolate Brand, came out with a line of Keto Friendly No Sugar Chocolate Chips.

They now sell sugar free, delicious Baking chips in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate!

But that's not all. My recipe for Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies is the recipe on the back of the Dark Chocolate Chips!!!

I reminds me of that episode of Friends where they are trying to remember Phoebe's grandma's famous cookie recipe and it ends up being the one on the Nestle bag. So Fun!! I couldn’t be more excited!

Grab the Dark Chocolate Chips and Follow my Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for your next sweet treat!

Choc Zero’s new Baking Chips are made with the same amazing Keto Chocolate as their Keto Bark. It has only 1 g of net carbs and is sweetened with Monk Fruit. It has no sugar alcohols, or soy.

The Dark Chocolate Flavor is Dairy Free. The Milk Chocolate uses creamy whole milk to give you a smooth and creamy texture. All of the flavors can be melted down and drizzled over berries or into Keto Candy Molds. But you can always just eat the Chocolate Chips by the handful!

Choc Zero makes small batches to ensure that every product you get is up to their extremely high standards. However, this means that they sell out quickly. Right now, Choc Zero is sold out of the White Chocolate Chips, but there are still a small number Dark and Milk Chocolate Bags to order.

Choc Zero Does restock every Friday at 5pm! So if you see a product that is already sold out, Check back then and snag them up as soon as they are available.

In addition to amazing Chocolate Chips, Choc Zero has also added a new Keto Bark to their long list of incredible treats! Keto Bark with PECANS!

Order them now before they sell out! and Don’t forget to use the code KETOINTHECITY for 10% off your entire order!