Need a Keto Cookie- Check out Nui

Recognize these guys?

This is Kristoffer and Victor. They are the founders of Nui. And you may have seen them shaking A-Rod’s hand on Shark Tank Shark Tank recently!


Nui is one of my favorite Keto Brands! They make KETO products not just products that you can kind of fit into your macros. That peace of mind is wonderful!

These Keto cookies are incredible. They are chewy and flavorful and just sweet enough. One sleeve (two cookies) has at the most 4g of Net Carbs.

Nui cookies come in several different flavors: Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip. Every so often they come out with a seasonal flavor, but you can get these four all year long.

Nui cookies are made with almond and coconut flour, so they are naturally gluten free. They are sweetened with monk fruit extract and erythritol.

Nui cookies are delicious! My favorite flavor is Snickerdoodle. These cinnamon Snickerdoodle cookies only have 2 g net carbs in the whole sleeve and have 6g of Protein, making them an amazing and flavorful way to fight off afternoon hunger.

The folks at Nui recently shared this amazing Churro Truffle Recipe. It takes the Snickerdoodle Cookies and turns them into melt in your mouth fat bombs. These are perfect to eat after a long day!

“Churro” Truffles
Yields: 6
Nui Snickerdoodle Cookies
1 tbsp Cream Cheese
½ tsp MCT oil
1 tbsp Walnuts
1. Grind cookies, set 1 tbsp aside.
2. Blend cream cheese, walnuts and MCT oil for 2 minutes or until mixture is smooth.
3. Scoop mixture and roll in ground Snickerdoodle cookies.
4. Chill for 1 hour and then enjoy.

Fat Bombs- Do you need to eat them?

Let’s talk about Fat Bombs! Do you need them? When should you eat them?

Photo by Helene Dujardin

Photo by Helene Dujardin

Fat Bombs are yummy keto treat. I have several fat bomb recipes, including these Spicy Chocolate Fat Bombs, in my two cookbooks, The Big Book of KETO and The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook. But Fat Bombs are NOT A NECESSARY PART OF KETO.

There is no reason to load up on fat bombs at the end of the day just to hit your fat macro. If you are full and in ketosis, you don’t need fat bombs.

That being said, it can be very convenient to have keto friendly sweet treats prepped in your freezer whenever you want to pop one! 

Fat Bombs are a great and filling snack. They offer long lasting energy and are perfect for mid-morning/late-night snack. You may find them useful before or after your workouts to give you energy and prevent the post workout nap. If caffeine in the afternoon keeps you up all night, consider eating a fat bomb at 3 o’clock to get you through your work day.

Fat Bombs are a useful tool if you are having a hard time staying in Ketosis. If you accidentally ate too many carbs and are no longer in Ketosis, you can eat a Fat Bomb to get yourself back on track. But I would only recommend doing this if you are in Keto Emergency Mode. Reset your body for the day and then try again tomorrow.

Remember Keto is a lifestyle. It takes a lot of commitment, but it is so worth it. Your goal should be to stay within your carb limit and get enough fat from your meals that fat bombs are an unnecessary treat.

Are you having a hard time getting enough fat?

Try out these Strawberry-Lime Ice Pops from The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook or Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse as a sweet alternative to fat bombs.

Helene Dujardin

Helene Dujardin