Nui Ginger Something Cookies

Nui the low sugar keto snack company just came out with thier first Holiday flavor! It's Ginger Something. A mix between a traditional Gingerbread and Spicy crunchy Gingersnap, this cookie is just what I needed to get me in the holiday spirit. Yes, I have already started decorating for Christmas!

Nui low sugar keto snack cookies in Ginger Something came about when the folks at Nui asked their consumers what cookie flavor they should make next. Gingerbread was the winner. After some test recipes, they landed on this delicious spicy recipe. It's not quite gingerbread and not quite gingersnaps- It's even better.

Like all Nui Cookies, the Ginger Something Cookies fit perfectly in my Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Major Macros:

Nutrition for 2 cookies (1 package)

  • Net Carbs: 2g
  • Protein: 6g
  • Fat: 23g

Nui low sugar keto snack Ginger Something Cookies are made with:

Almond flour, erythritol, unsalted grassfed butter, coconut oil, egg yolks, heavy cream, egg whites. Gingerbread Spices, and vegetable fibers.

Nui low sugar keto snack Ginger Something cookies go on sale tomorrow! And for a limited time Nui is selling 4-packs for $16.95.

Nui low sugar keto snack Ginger Something cookies are only on sale until they run out! Be sure to get yours fast because these cookies will Sell Out!

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