Know Foods Thins- Finally a Keto Cracker

One of my favorite holiday party snacks is crackers and dip. Crackers are the perfect carrier for dip, but they are also dangerously high in carbs and definitely not keto.

I'm so glad I found Know Foods Thins. These cracker thins have only 1 net gram of Carbs and come in Classic and Garlic Herb.

Know Foods Thins come in two different flavors. My favorite is Garli Herb. They are made with ALMONDS, ALLULOSE, DRIED EGG WHITES, ORGANIC PREBIOTIC FIBER, FLAXSEED, COCONUT FLOUR, and HERBS MIX.

The Almonds and Coconut flour give the crackers a wonderful crunch that melts away in your mouth.

Know Foods Thins are sweetened with Allulose. Allulose is a sugar substitute. It shows up as Sugar on the nutritional panel, but it does not contribute to the Net Carb Count.

Finally I have Keto utensil with which to eat large amounts of dip and guacamole. Because lets face it, crackers are just spoons for quac.

But in all honesty, Know Foods Thins are good enough to eat with out dip. They are the perfect savory snack for parties and when you just need something salty and delicious.

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