I wasn't getting enough nutrients (most people aren't)! Then I Found Keto-BEAM

Across the board, most people, no matter their WOE, are mineral-deficient. Because of modern soil depletion, most people are only getting about 30% of the minerals they need. Without minerals our bodies don't have the co-factors that are absolutely necessary for cellular function.

People with a Keto Lifestyle need to pay more attention to this fact, because many important micro-nutrients come from carbohydrates. When you are on a low-carb diet, it is important to supplement, so that you get the micro-nutrients necessary to power your body.

Add fasting to the mix and you are going to make your body super angry: foot and leg cramps, trouble sleeping, sluggishness, headaches, and a lowered immune system.


 Since I started using Keto-BEAM products I have felt an incredible change. My muscle cramps are almost gone. I have more energy. And I am over all feeling much healthier.

Keto-BEAM’s Micro-Boost! is one of the best supplements I have ever tried. It is an amazing liquid micro-nutrient supplement. Unlike pills or powders, the humic complexes in Micro-Boost are 100% bio-available. Your body doesn’t have to break them down or digest them. They are ready to be absorbed and put to work right out of the bottle.

Micro-Boost helps:

  • Relieve muscle cramps and aches

  • Aids in sleep

  • Support natural detoxification

  • Support a healthy immune system

The 70+ minerals, electrolytes, trace elements and amino acids in Micro-Boost are amazing for supporting healthy sustained ketosis.

To start out, I took a full serving of both Micro-Boost and Electrlyze every day for two weeks. . These supplements are designed to work hand in hand to optimize your health.

To start out, I took a 1 oz. serving of both Micro-Boost and Electrolyze every day for two weeks. These supplements are designed to work in combination to provide all of the electrolyte and micro-nutrient supplementation you need while living Keto. Now that my body is caught up, I take ½ a cap full (½ oz) of Mirco-Boost and ½ a cap full of Electrolyze every morning. Electrolyze is Keto-BEAM’s fantastic Electrolyte Supplement. (Read more about it here) I add both supplements into a glass of water. It doesn’t taste bad at all, just tastes a little earthy.

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When I am fasting, I up my dosage back up to a full serving of both Micro-Boost and Electrolyze. During a fast, our bodies are only taking in a small percentage of their normal intake, drastically lowering our chances of getting even close to enough nutrients. Your body also releases water and fat stores and becomes electrolyte-depleted very quickly.

Before discovering Keto-BEAM, I didn’t realize how much nutrition I was missing. I do everything I can to stick to my Macros and eat a clean Keto Diet, but sometimes we need a little help from our friends.  I am so glad I found Keto-BEAM and Micro-Boost to help me feel this great all of the time.

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