Catch Me on the Future Tech Podcast with Richard Jacobs

I had the amazing chance to join Richard Jacobs on the Future Tech Podcast! And our episode dropped this week!!!

We talked about my Keto Journey and some of the amazing benefits I have experienced after switching to a Ketogenic Lifestyle including improved sleep and reduced inflammation!

We also discussed how important it is to be patient with yourself. More than a change in diet, switching to Keto is a change in lifestyle. Stick with it! It may take a couple of months before you feel the full benefits of being in Ketosis: the boost in energy, decrease in inflammation, better sleep, and weight loss. Let your body heal and adapt first and then look for those dramatic changes.

We also discussed how listening to your body can help you be more successful in any Way of Eating.

The Future Tech Podcast is so cool. Richard Jacobs explores new technologies and the companies who create them. He gives insight into how these state of the art technologies will affect our health and day to day lives. He is also KETO!

My episode is called: Keto Care – Jen Fisch, Founder, Keto In The City – The Ketogenic Lifestyle for Wellness, Losing Weight, and Feeling Great!

You can listen on the Future Tech website or wherever you get your podcasts: Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcast!

I had a blast talking to Richard and I hope you enjoy the interview!




I love when people who are smarter than I am break down the science behind the Ketogenic way of eating. Recently the folks at Natural Stacks posted a blog and a podcast that do a really great job of explaining, so I wanted to share them here. If you know someone just getting started with Keto or in the beginning stages these would be amazing for them to read and listen to. 

The podcast in particular is a bit "sciency", I wish they could explain it in more simplistic language but I think you'll still be able to get some valuable information out of it. 

Click photo to access blog post from Natural Stacks

Click photo to access blog post from Natural Stacks

Click photo to access podcast by Natural Stacks

Click photo to access podcast by Natural Stacks


To purchase Natural Stacks products click HERE and you can use my code KETOINTHECITY for a 10% discount! I use their Ciltep and Serotonin products and love them so much!