Equip Food's Pre-Workout PureWOD

Keto is an amazing WOE (way of eating) for athletes! It keeps inflammation down, helps with muscle recovery, and trains your body to use fat for fuel.

Many athletes and exercize lovers use a Pre-Workout to help them focus during thier gym sessions and give thier performance a little boost. But pre-workouts are usually filled with all kinds of crap: sugar, fillers, bonding agents, etc.

One of the key elements of a ketogenic lifestyle is eating clean whole ingredients. So where can you get your KETO Pre-workout boost???

Check out Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout!

I love Equip's whole food approach to supplements. They use real ingredients and never add sugar or artificial junk.

In addition to performance fueling amino acids like Beta- Alanine, each serving of Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout has a cup of coconut water and 2 cups of green tea powder.

The coconut water keeps you hydrated and the green tea gives you clean energy that burns slowly. The combination of the two ensures that you won't get that dreaded crash.

Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout contains less than 1g of Carbs. Woohoo!!!

Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout comes in two flavors: Goji Berry and Blackberry Lemon. You can add your pre-workout to your favorite shake or smoothie or bake it into Keto goods.

I like the Blackberry Lemon flavor by itself. I shake it up with water and ice. It tastes just like a fancy fruit infused tea.

I recommend drinking this keto pre-workout about a half hour before starting your workout. This little boost of energy is just what I need to get my workout started. You can also sip on Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout during or after your workout if you need the extra energy for the rest of your day.

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Equip Food's Complete Collagen is a flavorless blendable protein that can easily incorporated into water, smoothies, and baked goods.

Each serving of Collagen has 15g of collagen peptides and only 60 calories. The only ingredient: Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Peptides.

Collagen helps boost recovery time, build lean muscles, and repair your gut.I love that with Complete Collagen I can get all of these benefits with out even tasting anything.

Equip Food's Micro Greens are one of my favorite Keto Supplements. Get all of the nutrients you need with out the sugar of fruits and vegetables. Each Serving of Micro Greens contains 14 servings of 22 fruits and vegetables at only 25 calories and 1 net carb.

All of the plants in the Micro Greens blend are cold pressed to preserve all of the good stuff. The blend has a little bit of bitterness, but that is your guarantee that only nutrient full food went into this product. No fillers or sweeteners.

Equip Foods PureWOD is one of the only Keto Pre-Work Outs on the market. Made from all whole foods, this pre-workout is made with no fillers or sugars. No crash here!

Aside from the All Natural active ingredients, PureWOD also contains 1 cup of coconut water and 2 cups of green tea in each serving to keep you hydrated and moving.

We all love Equip Food's Prime Protein made with real meat, but this plant protein is just as delicious. Getting enough protein on a vegetarian or vegan meal plan is tough, Prime Plant makes it easier. The protein is derived from hemp, pumpkin, sacha inchi, and peas. With this blend there is no chance of blood sugar spikes. They even added a little MCT in every serving to give you a nice energy boost.

All Equip Foods are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Antibiotics Free, and Preservative Free.

Equip Foods are some of the highest quality supplements around! I love that they are made with whole foods!

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