Cauliflower crust pizzas are all the craze these days, but it’s kinda crazy when you look at the difference between different types of cauliflower crust pizzas. Some are still super high in carbs, like 20g of carbs a serving! Which obviously doesn’t fit within my ketogenic lifestyle.

Real Good Food's new Cauliflower Pizza has only 9g Total Carbs / 6 Net Carbs and 19g of Protein per serving. I love that I can pronounce and recognize all of the ingredients in these Cauliflower Pizzas. Other companies use fillers and weird starches to add texture to their crusts but Real Good Foods doesn’t need to!


Real Good Food's Cauliflower Pizza is new and improved! They revamped their low carb cauli-crust recipe and I love it! I’ve always like Real Good Food’s Cauliflower Pizza. But I love that they weren’t satisfied with a pretty good product and wanted it to be GREAT!

The new crust is much more robust when it comes to flavor. It has the crunch and texture that we all love from Pizza but without all of the carbs. It also cooks up beautifully!


I always keep a couple Real Good Food Pizza's in my freezer. It's a great option for those nights when Kaia and I are too tired to cook up dinner. Sometimes I cook one up and then pack it for our Lunches. It gives me peace of mind that I can just throw a Cauliflower Pizza in the oven and know that both my daughter and I are getting the nutrition we need without the crap we don't.


The folks over at Real Good Food’s have extended a 10% discount to everyone who uses the code KETOINTHECITY. If you’ve tried their Cauliflower Crust Pizzas before, I urge you to give it another go! This new recipe is amazing! You won’t even realize that you aren’t eating a carby regular pizza.

Real Good Foods products, including the pizza are also available at stores nationwide, you can click here to check what stores have it in your local area.


Real Foods Enchiladas

My daughter, Kaia, and I are big fans of Real Good Foods. They make easy to prepare Keto Meals for those times when cooking a full meal is not an option.

Kaia loves making their personal pizzas before volleyball practice. Cauliflower pizza is my new obsession, but most of the ones available in stores are still pretty high in carbs so it is awesome that Real Good Foods made one with great macros!

This week, I made the Real Enchiladas, and I was blown away.

The Real Good Enchiladas container they come in goes straight into the oven, so there is no mess which I love. Less dishes to do:) You can cook them in the microwave or the oven- but I HIGHLY recommend you bake them in the oven! The tortilla made of chicken gets crispier that way

I topped mine with romaine lettuce ribbons, sour cream and a bit of chili lime seasoning.

Each box of Real Good Enchiladas comes with 2 packages of 2 enchiladas. Each package of 2 beef enchiladas has just 2g of net carbs. So if you can even do what I did and eat 2 packages worth for a nice, big lunch or dinner with only 4 carbs!

Each box also has 20g of Protein!

Real Good Enchiladas like all Real Good Food products is convieninet and easy to make, but that does not mean that it isn't also delicious. These enchiladas brought me back to taco tuesdays at my favorite mexican food restaurant.

Real Good Food gives you delicious keto food that is convenient and affordable.

Get 10% off your order of Real Good Enchiladas with the discount code KETOINTHECITY at check out.