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Welcome to the place where I celebrate all things Perfect Keto! I'm Jen Fisch, aka Keto in the City and I am so excited to announce that my friends over at Perfect Keto have extended a 20% discount to everyone who uses the code KETOINTHECITY at check out. 

I love everything about Perfect Keto's products, from their Macro Calculator to Perfect Keto's delicious Peaches and Cream flavored Exogenous Ketone Base. These high quality products incorporate easily into my morning coffee, post-workout shakes, and even baked goods and keep me feeling good all day long. I think you'll love them too!

xx jen

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Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

MCT’s are a daily necessity for everyone living a Ketogenic Lifestyle. The energy and clarity gained by consuming MCT's is remarkable. 

Since I started the ketogenic diet,  I’ve been mixing MCT’s into my coffee, in my protein shakes, and sometimes with my evening tea. At first, I had to use it very sparingly. I noticed that anytime I consumed too much MCT oil, it would cause digestive issues. But I figured out that the problem was just with the kind of MCT I was using. 

But not all MCT's are the same. To avoid stomach problems, I use Perfect Keto's MCT Oil Powder.

MCT Oil Powder is the powdered form of MCT Oil. It goes through a production process called spray drying. Unlike other MCT Oil Powders on the market, Perfect Keto makes sure that there aren't any fiber additives or corn starch included in their product. This means I don’t have to worry about any hidden sugars or carbs to kick me out of ketosis. Their product is 100% pure and each batch is lab tested.


Perfect Keto Collagen Powder

Perfect Keto's Collagen Powder is a keto-friendly protein powder that works really well in everything shakes to baked goods. It even contains MCT to give an added boost of energy. There is absolutely no chalkiness or weird protein taste with this Collagen protein. It enhances the flavor of what ever you add it to without being overpowering and the benefits are amazing. I feel full and energized for hours.

Collagen is so, so, so important to help repair the soft tissue in our bodies, in fact collagen makes up 25% of our bodies' protein content. The word collagen comes from greek roots that literally mean “glue-producing"! Most other animal-based protein powders can be inflammatory to many people. Casein and whey are known allergens and egg protein can be quite inflammatory. Collagen protein from grass-fed beef is made in the same way that bone broth is made, low and slow heating to preserve the nutrition.⠀Unfortunately, as we age our bodies stop making as much collagen. So it is important to add collagen to our diets.

I use Perfect Keto's Collagen Powder in my all-time favorite Keto Berry Avocado Smoothie! I use full fat coconut milk, avocado, fresh spinach, berries, ice cubes, and Perfect Keto Collagen.



Perfect Keto Base is effective at raising blood ketone levels (up to 1.5 mmol) and can be used in the following ways:

  • First thing in the morning fasted for mental performance (I add Perfect Keto's Chocolate Sea Salt Base in coffee, easy peasy)
  • Between meals for extra fat burning
  • Before exercise for better energy production
  • After eating a higher carb meal to get back in ketosis


I like to add Perfect Keto's Peaches & Cream  Base to my Cream Cheese & Coconut Flour pancake/waffle recipe. It adds a nice, subtle, sweet flavor while also giving us the added benefit of exogenous ketones. 



Perfect Keto Nootropics

Keto Nootropic is fully loaded with the herbs, amino acids, and lipids that support mental alertness, clarity, and concentration so you can operate at full capacity. The term nootropics comes from the Greek words for "mind-turning" 

What else is in Keto Nootropic?

  • 3.6g of BHB for a nice lift in ketones (which are used preferentially by the heart and brain)
  • 4g grass-fed collagen for soft-tissue support
  • 5g MCT powder for no-carb energy and to blunt insulin spikes to make this nootropic blend especially keto-friendly.

At 70 calories and an amazing cocoa flavor, this will be a game changer for snack-replacement and boosting morning regimens.

When to use Keto Nootropic?

  • In the morning, fasted or not
  • On heavy work days help power your mind
  • When studying or attending class to support mental performance
  • Before workouts to support energy and performance



Perfect Keto Perform- A Keto Sports Drink


Most sports drinks are loaded with sugar and fillers, but not this one. Perform was formulated to support the ketogenic lifestyle.

Perfect Keto Perform gives your body the raw materials it requires to maximize your workouts and support your active lifestyle.

Enjoy a natural source of energy formulated by doctors to support athletic performance. You can blend it into a smoothie or just stir it up in some water and go! 

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