Chicken & waffles is one of those dishes that just sounds like such a weird combination if you've never tried it before. But I am here to tell you DON'T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU'VE TRIED IT!  Really chicken is not that different than bacon with your breakfast- savory, fatty (in wing form) and delicious. 

So tonight my daughter requested waffles for dinner because we ordered a New Hope Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix from Amazon. I agreed, we made them last week and they were delicious. Then as I was making the mix I remembered... I HAVE BAKED CHICKEN WINGS LEFT OVER FROM LAST NIGHT! I practically did a dance in the kitchen! 

Now it's not like I ate Chicken & Waffles a lot before I was following a Ketogenic lifestyle. In fact, I think I have had that dish a total of 4 times in my whole life, but tonight all the planets aligned and it sounded amazing! 

I made the waffle mix. The box tells you to only add 1/3 of a cup of cold water. I followed instructions last time, but they were SUPER dense. So tonight I gradually added 1c of cold water and they were so much better!! I don't know what works better for pancakes, but for waffles I would definitely recommend tweaking because 1/3c is so thick!!

I also added cinnamon and some Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup to the mix. I didn't measure how much just a quick little sprinkle of both. 

I put Crisco all over the waffle iron and then poured in the batter. While the waffle cooked I microwaved 4 wings and my syrup, which was Walden Farms Calorie Free Pancake Syrup which is delicious and can also be purchased on Amazon. Dabbed some Kerry Gold Butter on top of the cooked waffles, doused that with syrup and BAM! 

The result.... AMAZING! 

The chocolate waffle! 

The chocolate waffle! 

The mix made 3 waffles this time when I added 1c of cold water. So for the 3rd waffle I decided to experiment and added Ghirardelli 100% Unsweetened Cocoa Powder . The flavor was subtle but it was tasty! I could have probably added sweetener or more sugar free vanilla, but I liked the subtlety and my daughter loved them too!  

From the 3 waffles we had a lot of leftovers! I only ended up eating 1/2 a regular waffle the first day and then 1/4 of a chocolate one another day for breakfast, but my daughter enjoyed waffles a few days in a row from the leftovers! 

ENJOY! Photos were originally posted on my Instagram page