KETO RECIPE: Shepherd's Pie

I shared this recipe on my Instagram and it comes from my friend Jess aka @lowcarbdashian, it’s the perfect cozy, comfort food!

Photo and recipe via  @lowcarbdashian

Photo and recipe via @lowcarbdashian



Filling Ingredients:⠀
• 1 lb ground beef, venison, whatever⠀
• 1 medium onion- diced ⠀
• Splash of Worcestershire sauce ⠀
• Garlic powder to taste⠀
• Salt & pepper to taste⠀
• 2 cup Green beans (fresh, frozen or even canned will work great)⠀
• Shredded cheese⠀

Mashed Cauliflower Layer:⠀
• 16 oz frozen cauliflower or one large head of steamed cauliflower ⠀
• 2 tablespoons Sour cream⠀
• 2 tablespoons butter⠀
• 1 tablespoon Cream cheese ⠀
• Garlic salt and pepper to taste⠀
** after steaming cauli, add all ingredients to blender or food processor and mix thoroughly.⠀

1. Preheat oven to 350⠀
2. In a large skillet pan, brown ground beef and onion. Drain extra fat and liquid. Add Worcestershire sauce and seasoning. Mix thoroughly ⠀
3. Prepare cauliflower mash⠀
4. Prepare 8x8 baking dish with cooking spray ⠀
5. Place ground beef in dish and top with green bean layer. If using fresh, you may want to blanch them for just a bit for extra flavor and to cook them through a bit first. ⠀
6. Top with cauli mash layer⠀
7. Finally, add shredded cheese.⠀
8. Cook for 15 min until cheese is melted and then place it under the broiler for bubbly brown delight.