Who wants to win some MEAT?!?! I'm about to make one of your holidays WAY better with a free mixed box + bacon + rib eyes from my friends Butcher Box!

Butcher Box has 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork. The box comes with 8-11lbs of meat which is enough for 20-25 meals!

Introducing Butcher Box: Get Free Ground Beef for Life!

I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with the folks at Butcher Box to bring you discounts on the best meat on the planet.

Butcher Box is a meat delivery service that delivers grassfed, responsibliy raised beef, chicken, and pork to your door along with recipes and cooking tips. Each month Butcher Box allows you to choose from a selection of curated boxes or choose your own cuts of pork, chicken, and beef. Your box is then frozen and packaged up in an insulated box that is delivered right to your door all for about $6 a meal.

For the month of September, Butcher Box is offering friends of Keto and the City Free Ground Beef For Life. Yep, That's right!

Any one who signs up for Butcher Box using my links will recieve 2 lbs of Free Ground Beef every month for the duration of thier membership.

My favorite thing about Butcher Box is thier dedication to humanely raised meats. All of the Butcher Box beef is grass-fed and grass-finished. Thier meats are never given anti-biotics or hormones. The chicken is free range and the pork is all heritage breed. All of thier partners are expected to treat thier employees as part of the team. I have absolutely no qualms about recommending this company to everyone I know.

Helping companies you believe in is so incredibly important. If you think that Butcher Box is doing something right, support them. You won't regret it!

Don't wait to sign up for Butcher Box! The offer of Free Ground Beef For Life expires on September 30st at 11:59pm.

Don’t forget you have to use the LINKS on this page in order to get Free Ground Beef For Life!