Join me at the Bulletproof Cafe for my very first book signing event!

Bulletproof and their cafe in LA have been a part of my keto journey since the very beginning. In fact, one of my first blog posts was about my first visit to their coffee shop!

So I am super excited to invite all of you who are in the LA area to come hang out with me on Saturday, November 17th at 1pm at the Bulletproof Cafe in Downtown Los Angeles.

• Keto Q&A

• Sample recipes from my newest cookbook while sipping on Bulletproof coffee

• Grab a copy of my cookbooks, or bring your own and I will sign them!

• Bulletproof Product Raffle

• Connect with other local LA Keto peeps

RSVP by clicking the button below. Hope you can join me!



300 South Santa Fe Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90013

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KETO RECIPE: How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

Here is the official Bulletproof Coffee recipe! Why Bulletproof Coffee? 

Crafted with Certified Clean Coffee, infused with Brain Octane Oil and healthy fats — never sugar; it's the perfect way to power your brain and body. 


What can you expect from drinking Bulletproof Coffee? 

From the get-go, an increased amount of energy that lasts through that morning slump + no hunger cravings until well into the afternoon. Over time, you're going to see the benefits in trimmer waistline and a happier and healthier you!


Make buttery goodness a part of your morning routine! Click HERE to find my favorite Bulletproof products!

Bulletproof's Brain Octane Oil is a Keto Staple #fatforfuel

By now you probably know how obsessed I am with Bulletproof Coffee especially if you follow me on Instagram.  Recently, I even got to visit their new Bulletproof Labs. Before I went Keto, I didn’t even like coffee. Now it is a staple in my life and makes Keto a breeze.

Luckily for me, Bulletproof has two locations now in L.A: The Art’s District, and Main St. Santa Monica. However, most days I don’t have time to stop at the coffee shop for my morning mocha.  You can find my step-by-step recipe in my keto cookbook. The most important ingredient is Bulletproof’s Brain Octane Oil.

Brain Octane Products Keto in the city

Brain Octane is a specific MCT, C8, that converts to ketones quickly, suppresses hunger, fuels your brain, and is not harsh on your stomach. It is perfect for Intermittent Fasting and keeps you in ketosis while providing long-lasting energy.

I go get coffee every morning and I love having these handy packets to make any coffee Bulletproof! They are perfectly portioned and easily transportable. I love to pack a bunch in my bag while traveling. It makes my mornings so easy and the benefits are insane! I have so much energy, and I don’t crave a meal until well into the afternoon.


Also isn't my Swell bottle the cutest?! It keeps coffee warm FOREVER! 

Brain Octane on the go! 


Remember the key to success in Keto is fueling your brain with healthy fats in order to reap all of the benefits of ketosis.  FAT = FUEL and FUEL=  A HAPPY BRAIN


tasty brain- Keto in the city