Equip's Joint Support +

I have been living with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis for over half of my life. I make daily lifestyle choices with my autoimmunes in mind. Among these choices was the decision to live a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Keto has helped me reduce inflammation- one of the key triggers and symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Keto has also introduced me to a community of people as dedicated to their health as I am. A community that offers support and encouragement to others starting and maintaining their Keto Journeys.

As part of this community, I try to pass on any information I find that might be helpful to you. Recently I discovered that Equip Food's, one of my favorite brands for Collagen and Protien, has created a Supplement called Joint Support+ .

With Joint Support+ , Equip is striving to

  • Alleviate wear and tear
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Address feelings of discomfort
  • Support the normal, healthy, lubrication, physical articulation and function of our joints

Equip's Joint Support+ is made from 8 different compounds that are proven to support joint health. It combines Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium, Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract, Turmeric, Chondroitin Sulfate, Quercetin, L-Methionine, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), and Bromelain.

These compounds are all naturally occuring and have been proven to improve joint health.

If Equip's Joint Support+ sounds like something you could use, try it out and tell me what you think. Remember Supplements need 4-6 weeks to have their full effect, so be dilligent and patient.

The Folks at Equip Foods have extended a 20% off discount to anyone using the code KETOINTHECITY at Check Out. Be Sure to take a look around at the other wonderful products Equip has to offer.