Keto Supplements: Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules

Cinnamon is one of my favorite ingredients! It is absolutely delicious but it’s also so good for us!

“Research has supported the benefits of cinnamon by showing its ability to support healthy immune and cellular function, healthy carbohydrate metabolism, promote normal digestion, improve blood glucose control, combat inflammation, and support healthy cardiovascular function.” -Equip Foods

However, It is really hard to consume enough cinnamon in one day to get all of these amazing benefits. (There are only so many Fat Head Cinnamon Rolls a girl can eat!)

That’s why I was so grateful when I found out that Equip foods was launching their Ceylon Cinnamon Supplement!

Every serving (2 caps) of Equip Cinnamon Caps contains 1,200 mg of Ceylon Cinnamon.  Ceylon Cinnamon is more beneficial than other types of Cinnamon. It is free of Cassia and other compounds that are said to be toxic in large doses.

Equip Cinnamon caps are known to help with digestion, give you more energy, and even reduce the effects of a higher carb meal. Cinnamon is also famous for being an anti-inflammatory.

Equip found a way to make getting all of the benefits of large quantities of cinnamon with out having to endure a mouthful of spice or a bellyache. These Ceylon Cinnamon Caps are made with the highest quality ingredients and were designed to fit into your Keto Lifestyle.

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Equip Foods Prime Plant Protein

Every once in a while it is nice to assess what your body needs and doesn’t need. All Long term WOE, like Keto need little adjustments every so often to keep you in optimal health.

These adjustments may be small, like upping your electrolyte intake or getting more sleep. But they can also be something big like cutting dairy out of your diet.

It’s all about listening to your body, doing your research and making healthy decisions.

If you are looking to cut dairy and fillers from your diet, you may want to check out Equip’s Prime Plants Protein Powder.

Prime Plants is a vegan-friendly protein powder made with whole-food nutrients that your body needs.

Prime Plants is a mix of four vegan-friendly plants (hemp, pumpkin, sacha inchi, and peas). Every scoop contains 15 grams of clean protein with out any chemicals or fillers. This supplement helps you body’s ability to build and repair bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin.

It also has MCTs!

MCT’s are this protein powder’s secret weapon. The MCT gives you an added energy and brain boost. It also helps the powder incorporate into shakes and smoothies nicely. It gives a wonderful creamy texture.

Remember, everyone’s body and goals are unique. Make sure that Prime Plants fit nicely into your macros before switching over.

Equip foods also sells Prime Protein made with Grass-Fed Beef, A Keto Friendly Pre-Workout and More! And don’t forget, you can get 20% off all Equip Foods with the code KETOINTHECITY at checkout.

Equip Mirco Greens to the Rescue!

Are you fighting this cold virus that’s going around? Do you just feel gross? Did you substitute Keto Chocolate for Vegetables last week?

My go-to supplement when I feel my body fighting a cold is Micro Greens! Equip's Micro Greens Micronutrient Blend is a just the boost my body needs to fight a cold or get back to the natural balance of things.

Equip's Micro Greens contains 14 servings of raw, organic fruits and vegetables from 22 different sources. All in one scoop!

Equip's method of cold pressing entire plants ensure that you get more phytonutrients than if you ate all of these fruits and veggies, and none of the sugar. In Fact, Equip's Micro Greens counts as my multivitamin for the day providing essential nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. It also only has 25 calories per servine and 1 gram of net Carbs.

Most days, I just stir a scoop of Equip's Micro Greens in to a glass of water and chug it. If I'm feeling run down, I'll do this in the morning and in the afternoon. The Micro Greens Powder is berry flavored so it's not too bad to chug.

On the few days a week when I make myself a smoothie, I add it in. The texture is a little grainy, but I kind of like that in my smoothies. It goes perfectly into my Blueberry-Coconut Smoothie Recipe

Equip's Micro Greens also adds digestive enzymes, liver support, and fat from coconuts (MCT powder) to Micro Greens to make it easy for your body to process and absorb all of the good stuff!

There are no fillers or common allergens in the Equip's Micro Greens making it one of the cleanest supplements on the market.

Fight off the cold virus this winter by getting all of the micro nutrients your body wants and needs in one easy scoop.

photos care of  Equip Foods

photos care of Equip Foods

Right now Equip is offering 15% off of it's Micro Greens Micronutrient Blend when you commit to a subscription. You can schedule your next delivery for every 15- 60 Days so you will never be short on greens.

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Keto Supplements: Equip Collagen Peptides

Did you know that our bodies contain many different types of protein? There is the strong muscle building type of protein: the kind you can get from protein powder supplement. And then there is the protein that makes up your hair, nails, ligaments, and tendons. This is Collagen protein.

Collagen peptides are a powdered form of Collagen protein that can be blended into food. One of my favorite Collagen Supplements is Equip Food’s Complete Collagen.

Equip Food’s is dedicated to producing the cleanest supplements made from real ingredients. Complete Collagen is made from just a single ingredient: Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen. That’s it!

Each scoop of this Complete Collagen powder has 15g of Protein. It has no flavor and can be easily incorporated into any drink.

I like to add mine to Lunchtime smoothies. It adds a delicious creamy texture especially when blended in with coconut cream.

Equip Food’s Complete Collagen has a bunch of benefits. Clearer skin and stronger hair and nails are just the visible effects of adding Collagen to your daily routine. Collagen Supplements also help repair your gut, and strengthen your bones, joints, and ligaments.

Like all supplements, it takes some time to fully feel the benefits of adding Collagen to your daily routine. Stick with it for about 4-6 weeks before you decide if you would like to continue with it.

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Equip's Joint Support +

I have been living with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis for over half of my life. I make daily lifestyle choices with my autoimmunes in mind. Among these choices was the decision to live a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Keto has helped me reduce inflammation- one of the key triggers and symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Keto has also introduced me to a community of people as dedicated to their health as I am. A community that offers support and encouragement to others starting and maintaining their Keto Journeys.

As part of this community, I try to pass on any information I find that might be helpful to you. Recently I discovered that Equip Food's, one of my favorite brands for Collagen and Protien, has created a Supplement called Joint Support+ .

With Joint Support+ , Equip is striving to

  • Alleviate wear and tear
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Address feelings of discomfort
  • Support the normal, healthy, lubrication, physical articulation and function of our joints

Equip's Joint Support+ is made from 8 different compounds that are proven to support joint health. It combines Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium, Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract, Turmeric, Chondroitin Sulfate, Quercetin, L-Methionine, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), and Bromelain.

These compounds are all naturally occuring and have been proven to improve joint health.

If Equip's Joint Support+ sounds like something you could use, try it out and tell me what you think. Remember Supplements need 4-6 weeks to have their full effect, so be dilligent and patient.

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Equip Food's Pre-Workout PureWOD

Keto is an amazing WOE (way of eating) for athletes! It keeps inflammation down, helps with muscle recovery, and trains your body to use fat for fuel.

Many athletes and exercize lovers use a Pre-Workout to help them focus during thier gym sessions and give thier performance a little boost. But pre-workouts are usually filled with all kinds of crap: sugar, fillers, bonding agents, etc.

One of the key elements of a ketogenic lifestyle is eating clean whole ingredients. So where can you get your KETO Pre-workout boost???

Check out Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout!

I love Equip's whole food approach to supplements. They use real ingredients and never add sugar or artificial junk.

In addition to performance fueling amino acids like Beta- Alanine, each serving of Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout has a cup of coconut water and 2 cups of green tea powder.

The coconut water keeps you hydrated and the green tea gives you clean energy that burns slowly. The combination of the two ensures that you won't get that dreaded crash.

Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout contains less than 1g of Carbs. Woohoo!!!

Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout comes in two flavors: Goji Berry and Blackberry Lemon. You can add your pre-workout to your favorite shake or smoothie or bake it into Keto goods.

I like the Blackberry Lemon flavor by itself. I shake it up with water and ice. It tastes just like a fancy fruit infused tea.

I recommend drinking this keto pre-workout about a half hour before starting your workout. This little boost of energy is just what I need to get my workout started. You can also sip on Equip's PureWOD Pre-Workout during or after your workout if you need the extra energy for the rest of your day.

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Equip Foods is now Offering 20% Off

The folks at Equip Foods have extended an amazing discount of 20% off all products to Keto In the City customers.

That's right! 20% off of your favorite whole food supplements. Now you can get all of the nutrients you need at a great discount.

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Equip Food's Complete Collagen is a flavorless blendable protein that can easily incorporated into water, smoothies, and baked goods.

Each serving of Collagen has 15g of collagen peptides and only 60 calories. The only ingredient: Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Peptides.

Collagen helps boost recovery time, build lean muscles, and repair your gut.I love that with Complete Collagen I can get all of these benefits with out even tasting anything.

Equip Food's Micro Greens are one of my favorite Keto Supplements. Get all of the nutrients you need with out the sugar of fruits and vegetables. Each Serving of Micro Greens contains 14 servings of 22 fruits and vegetables at only 25 calories and 1 net carb.

All of the plants in the Micro Greens blend are cold pressed to preserve all of the good stuff. The blend has a little bit of bitterness, but that is your guarantee that only nutrient full food went into this product. No fillers or sweeteners.

Equip Foods PureWOD is one of the only Keto Pre-Work Outs on the market. Made from all whole foods, this pre-workout is made with no fillers or sugars. No crash here!

Aside from the All Natural active ingredients, PureWOD also contains 1 cup of coconut water and 2 cups of green tea in each serving to keep you hydrated and moving.

We all love Equip Food's Prime Protein made with real meat, but this plant protein is just as delicious. Getting enough protein on a vegetarian or vegan meal plan is tough, Prime Plant makes it easier. The protein is derived from hemp, pumpkin, sacha inchi, and peas. With this blend there is no chance of blood sugar spikes. They even added a little MCT in every serving to give you a nice energy boost.

All Equip Foods are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Antibiotics Free, and Preservative Free.

Equip Foods are some of the highest quality supplements around! I love that they are made with whole foods!

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KETO REVIEW: Equip Foods- Prime Protein

Are you trying to stick to a clean whole food approach to Keto?

Eating whole foods is the only way to ensure you are getting the most nutrients out of your food, but it does mean that you will spend a lot more time in the kitchen than you did before. Meal Prepping is a wonderful way to stay on track with your Keto Lifestyle, but what happens when your life gets a little ahead of you? 

Now you don't have to worry.

Equip's Prime Protein is a three ingredient protein powder that is made with Beef Isolate, Stevia, and Vanilla or Chocolate depending on the flavor. It is perfect for those days when you are on the run and need quick and clean protein.

I know what you are thinking. Beef powder sounds gross, but I promise that Equip's Prime Protein is delicious and incorporates well into smoothies or even just your choice of milk.

The chocolate flavor tastes just like Brownies, has 24g of Protein, and only 1g of Carbs.

When to use Equip's Prime Protein:

  • Before, During, or After Work Outs
  • To Add High Quality Protein to Meals
  • Anytime You Need High Quality Protein

How to use Equip's Prime Protein:

  • Add to Your Smoothies or Shakes
  • Add to 8-10 Ounces of Your Favorite Beverage
  • Add to Recipes and Fresh Baked Goods

The powder comes in two different flavors: chocolate and vanilla. It is good enough in shakes and with almond milk, but I can't wait to try it out in some recipes. The Vanilla flavor would be wonderful in Chocolate Chip Cookies or Blueberry Lemon Cakes. And I might try adding an egg and some coconut oil to the Chocolate Protein Powder and makes some brownie bars. 

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KETO FIND: Turmeric Blend+ Capsules

Inflammation wreaks havoc on our bodies. As an autoimmune warrior, I know this all to well. My quest to reduce inflammation is what brought me to Keto. I am happy to say that I continue to feel the anti-inflammatory benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle.

The fight against inflammation is on-going and effects many of us. Athletes constantly battle inflammation in their joints.  Traveling, especially air travel can cause inflammation that leads to lowered immune systems and illness.

Over the years, I have heard about turmeric and many other ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties: ingredients that have been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. I’ve tried many of them out, but in my busy schedule, there is no time to take 45 different supplements a day. I like simple straight-forward supplements. That’s why I was so excited when I was looking around Equip’s website the other day and happened upon the Turmeric Blend+ Capsules.



This all-natural anti-inflammatory blend is made with turmeric, ginger, black pepper fruit extract, and berberine. They are gluten, soy, whey, and filler free. Equip claims that this supplement can boost energy, reduce inflammation, and help speed recovery rates.  

I love that is made with real foods. But like all lifestyle changes, consistency is key. They say you should take it daily for 4-6 weeks before expecting to feel any real results.

If you want to try Equip’s Turmeric Blend+ Capsules use the coupon code KETOINTHECITY at checkout for 10% off and let me know how you like it on Instagram @ketointhecity_ .