KETO REVIEW: Perfect Keto's Micro Greens Powder

When first switching to Keto, Macros were definitely my main focus. The shift from a normal low-carb diet to a full-time Ketogenic lifestyle was huge, and I wanted to make sure that nothing was going to keep me from success. I calculated my ideal Macros and dug in. 

When making such a huge shift in our lives, it is easy to forget the small stuff: The Micros. 

These Micronutrients are found in fruits and vegetables and are essential to our long-term health and even to our success in Ketosis. Living a low-carb life means avoiding many of these very fruits and vegetables, but now I can get all of my micronutrients and a boost of MCT fuel with Perfect Keto's Micro Greens Powder.

Perfect Keto Micro Greens Powder contains:

  • Greens and vegetable blend. 4.5 grams of raw organic greens and vegetables coming from 12 different plants that contain all of the phytonutrients and none of the wasteful product.

  • Berry and fruit blend. 4.5 grams of raw organic berries coming from 10 different sources.

  • MCT Powder. 3.5 grams from coconut oil fat to help absorb vitamins, minerals, and plants. MCT is readily accessible by your brain for energy.

  • Liver support enzymes. These enzymes were included to help you deliver the nutrients without wasting any of the micronutrients of the product.

  • Digestive enzymes. These were included so your body can break down the plant nutrients more efficiently.

  • Reishi Mushroom. A powerful compound that helps decrease inflammation, fatigue, skin problems and anxiety.

  • Inositol. A naturally occurring ingredient in plants that help nerve conduction, fat breakdown and insulin regulation.

Perfect Keto Micro Greens Powder was designed to be a Multivitamin. I prefer to mix one scoop into a large glass of water in the afternoon and down it, like it was intened. The Lemon flavor is strong but pleasent, and I love the little boost of afternoon MCT energy.

It would also taste great in a smoothie with some fresh raspberries, Perfect Keto Collagen Powder, and lots of ice. 


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