Good Dee's Corn-free-Bread Mix

Finally, Keto Cornbread Exists!!!!

This Good Dee's Corn Bread Mix is amazing. Deana, Good Dee's Founder, is from Texas and missed the taste of Corn Bread so much that she figured out how to make it with just 1 net Carb per serving and taste just as good as the real thing.

Good Dee's Corn Bread Mix is made with almond flour. It is gluten free, grain free, sugar free, and wheat free. It's perfect for people living the Ketogenic Lifestyle or struggling with Gluten intolerance. The mix uses only the best ingredients and stevia extract for that sweetness we love in corn bread.

My favorite part about Good Dee's Corn Bread Mix is how easy it is to make. Just add eggs, butter, and apple cider vinegar and stir.

They only take 25 minutes to bake. I love to top the slices with a big chunk of butter and enjoy it while it's still warm from the oven.

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