I was super excited to receive my first Keto Delivered Box last week! To sign up to get your own you can use my link click HERE or on the picture below! 

The August Box by Keto Delivered!

The August Box by Keto Delivered!

The other night I made salmon steaks with an Asian noodle salad that I used the Miracle Noodles for! I have never bought salmon steaks before because I usually just buy regular filets, but my Google Express delivery replaced them with steaks for some reason, but they turned out great! 


  • I rinsed the salmon and then patted them dry
  • I salt and peppered the steaks with black pepper and pink salt
  • I made an Asian glaze with whatever I had in my house, which turned out to be soy sauce, sesame oil, olive oil, a couple drops of teriyaki sauce Miso Mayo, yellow mustard, a tiny bit of SF maple syrup. Sounds random right?!? It was GOOD! 
  • So I brushed that glaze on one side
  • Then put the steaks on the skillet which had olive oil heating up at medium/medium high and glazed the other side
  • I cooked each side for 4-5 minutes
  • Then added sesame seeds on top 

Noodle Salad

  • Cook the Miracle Noodles per the instructions on the package (rinse in cold water, boil for 2 minutes, heat noodles in dry pan until noodles are dry)
  • While that was happening I added a bit more olive oil to my glaze 
  • When the noodles were dry I turned off the heat in the pan and tossed the noodles with the glaze and then added sliced cucumbers and macadamia nuts
  • Done! It would be good cold probably but I was hungry:)  

The finished product looked like this! 

Asian Glaze Salmon Steaks With Warm Miracle Noodle Salad

Asian Glaze Salmon Steaks With Warm Miracle Noodle Salad


I can't wait to try the rest of the stuff in the box! Such a great resource to be able to try new foods! I'll probably try the Machaca next because my daughter loves Egg Quesadillas with Low-Carb tortillas, so I can imagine sprinkling some Machaca in there would be delicious! 


Again, if you want to get your own box you can use my link. Keto on!