Know Foods Chocolate Chip Cake Mix

I had a cupcake craving the other day in the worst way so I decided to try out the Know Foods Chocolate Chip Cake Mix for the first time! It's super easy, you just add water to the mix! Does it get easier than that?! I baked them and then whipped up a simple cream cheese frosting and topped with Know Foods Chocolate Chips

They were delicious! The cake mix is not too sweet, more muffin like than cake, but mixed with the sweeter frosting it was perfect. My daughter loved them! I imagine you could add a little sweetener to the mix if you wanted to.  For the cream cheese frosting I just used room temperature cream cheese, confectioners' erythritol and a little heavy whipping cream. 

I ate 2 right away and then stored the rest in the fridge and actually ate one for breakfast the next 3 days :D 

Know Foods makes grain/gluten free mixes that are high in protein and fiber and have no glycemic impact. They use Allulose as a sugar alternative- it has very little calories and will not spike your blood sugar.

Each of these Chocolate Chip cupcakes only has 1-2 net carbs!

I love that Know Foods makes clean alternatives to unhealthy snack foods. They put the net carbs per serving right on the packaging so you can easily fit Know Foods products into your daily Macros.

There are so many Keto Options to choose from on the KKnow Foods website. Shopping was a blast.

Know Foods sells low carb and grain/gluten free bread, crackers, pancake mix, waffle mix, cake mix, muffins, syrup, ketchup, and more. They are most popular for thier individually wrapped Know Food's cookies. They are a great grab and go keto snack.

Starting Now, the folks at Know Foods have even extended a 10% discount to anyone who uses the KETOINTHECITY code at check out! WooHoo!