All Things Keto Pancakes

When I say that I have made Keto Pancakes 1 million times, I’m only slightly exaggerating. My daughter loves this recipe and after heeding her request for these pancakes countless times, I think its safe to say we are now experts on Keto Pancakes. We even make this recipe on Christmas Morning and decorate them like reindeers.

It all started with one Recipe, Cream Cheese and Coconut Flour Pancakes. I started experimenting with Keto Pancakes back in the beginning of 2017 and I liked this recipe so much I included it in my first cookbook, The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook.

This cream cheese and coconut flour recipe makes soft and fluffy pancakes that taste and feel almost exactly like the real thing. I top them with Vital Farms grass fed butter and sugar-free maple syrup. They have 18g of protein in each serving and only 8g of net carbs, meaning you can fit these pancakes nicely into your macros with out having to worry.

After solidifying this basic recipe, I started to play with different variations. I made a Pancake Cake that can be baked in the oven instead of on the griddle. I added cinnamon and vanilla extract, chocolate chips (KNOW Foods has some great low-carb ones), and different Sugar Free Syrups from Choc Zero. They have more flavors of sugar free syrups than you could even imagine, everything from Maple Pecan to Peppermint.

I even tried out Bulletproof Hot Chocolate in this Chocolate Pancake Recipe and I have to say, It was delicious!

photo:  @keto_alice
photo:  @keto_alice

For my second book, The Big Book of Keto, I settled on a Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe. To this day, It is still my favorite way to enjoy Keto Pancakes. There is something so warm and comforting about the taste of Pumpkin. I love adding Choc Zero’s Caramel Syrup to this recipe. (Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is!)

Also included in The Big Book of Keto is this Blueberry-Lemon Cake.

This recipe is kind of a twist on my Pancake Cake recipe from my first book but with lemon zest and blueberries. I LOVE blueberries and If you are a big lemon lover you can add even more zest! You can even make mini cakes! Perfect for dessert, breakfast or brunch!

Photo: Helene DuJardin

Photo: Helene DuJardin

This Keto Pancake batter can also make waffles. One of the things I love about waffles, besides their perfect butter holding ability, is that you can keep left overs. Pancakes don’t reheat well, but waffles do. You can even freeze them and then reheat them in the toaster. If you are really in the mood to get crazy, try making a grilled cheese sandwich with left over keto waffles. I promise you won’t regret it.

Have you become a Keto Pancake expert too? How do you like to enjoy your Keto Pancakes? Let Me Know! Post a picture of your favorite way to eat Keto Pancakes on Instagram and Tag me @ketointhecity_ ! Use the hashtag #myketopancakes !

Don’t have time to make pancake mix? Try out Know Foods Mix! It’s great for pancakes and Muffins! And you can get 10% off with the code KETOINTHECITY!

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Know Foods - Low Carb Waffles

One thing I keep in my fridge at all times is a bag of Know Food's Waffles! They are low carb and delicious. Know Foods specializes in making low carb versions of your favorite carby foods. They have a large variety of mixes and ready made muffins, breads, pancakes, and more.

Know Foods also sells my favorite Low Carb Chocolate Chips and Syrups.

Heat these waffles up for breakfast, a late night snack, or anything in between. Know Foods also sells Chocolate Chip waffles if you really want to indulge your sweet tooth.

My favorite thing about Know Food's waffles is that you can put anything on them: cream cheese and fruit, butter and Keto Syrup, Ket Chocolate chips and Strawberries. They can be as simple or as fancy as you want.

Personally, I love using Know Food's Waffles to make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! I missed these before I discovered this trick. The crunch and hint of sweetness in the waffles combine perfectly with gooey melted cheese.

Get 10% off your entire order of Know Food’s Products with the discount code KETOINTHECITY!

They have a large variety of low carb foods to choose from!

Know Foods Thins- Finally a Keto Cracker

One of my favorite holiday party snacks is crackers and dip. Crackers are the perfect carrier for dip, but they are also dangerously high in carbs and definitely not keto.

I'm so glad I found Know Foods Thins. These cracker thins have only 1 net gram of Carbs and come in Classic and Garlic Herb.

Know Foods Thins come in two different flavors. My favorite is Garli Herb. They are made with ALMONDS, ALLULOSE, DRIED EGG WHITES, ORGANIC PREBIOTIC FIBER, FLAXSEED, COCONUT FLOUR, and HERBS MIX.

The Almonds and Coconut flour give the crackers a wonderful crunch that melts away in your mouth.

Know Foods Thins are sweetened with Allulose. Allulose is a sugar substitute. It shows up as Sugar on the nutritional panel, but it does not contribute to the Net Carb Count.

Finally I have Keto utensil with which to eat large amounts of dip and guacamole. Because lets face it, crackers are just spoons for quac.

But in all honesty, Know Foods Thins are good enough to eat with out dip. They are the perfect savory snack for parties and when you just need something salty and delicious.

Don't forget to use the code KETOINTHECITY to get 10% off all Know Foods Products

Know Foods Chocolate Chip Cake Mix

I had a cupcake craving the other day in the worst way so I decided to try out the Know Foods Chocolate Chip Cake Mix for the first time! It's super easy, you just add water to the mix! Does it get easier than that?! I baked them and then whipped up a simple cream cheese frosting and topped with Know Foods Chocolate Chips

They were delicious! The cake mix is not too sweet, more muffin like than cake, but mixed with the sweeter frosting it was perfect. My daughter loved them! I imagine you could add a little sweetener to the mix if you wanted to.  For the cream cheese frosting I just used room temperature cream cheese, confectioners' erythritol and a little heavy whipping cream. 

I ate 2 right away and then stored the rest in the fridge and actually ate one for breakfast the next 3 days :D 

Know Foods makes grain/gluten free mixes that are high in protein and fiber and have no glycemic impact. They use Allulose as a sugar alternative- it has very little calories and will not spike your blood sugar.

Each of these Chocolate Chip cupcakes only has 1-2 net carbs!

I love that Know Foods makes clean alternatives to unhealthy snack foods. They put the net carbs per serving right on the packaging so you can easily fit Know Foods products into your daily Macros.

There are so many Keto Options to choose from on the KKnow Foods website. Shopping was a blast.

Know Foods sells low carb and grain/gluten free bread, crackers, pancake mix, waffle mix, cake mix, muffins, syrup, ketchup, and more. They are most popular for thier individually wrapped Know Food's cookies. They are a great grab and go keto snack.

Starting Now, the folks at Know Foods have even extended a 10% discount to anyone who uses the KETOINTHECITY code at check out! WooHoo!

Know Foods: Eat a Better Cookie Event

Know Foods: Eat a Better Cookie Event.jpg

I was super excited to be invited to speak on a panel at Know Foods first ever Cookies & Coffee Expert Panel discussion at We Work in Manhattan Beach. I was joined on the panel by Ryan Plowery from, Suzanne Ryan from @ketokarma, Victoria Field from The Metabolic Health Summit, and Yemeni Mesa the CEO of Know Foods was the moderator. 

Know Foods: Eat a Better Cookie Event.jpg

I can blab on for hours about keto so I was super excited to join this group to answer questions from the in person and online audience. Know Foods is planning on taking these events around the country to help keto and keto curious people connect.

Victoria and Yemeni are my neighbors in the South Bay part of Los Angeles and I had met Ryan before at Expo West, but I'd never met Suzanne before so it was super fun getting to chat with her about keto, mom life, and more! 

All of the people on this panel will also be at the Metabolic Health Summit at the end of January in Long Beach which is going to be an AMAZING conference where science meets society. It will feature all your favorite keto Instagrammers along with the smartest doctors and researchers on the planet who are studying keto for medical applications. I cannot wait for this event and I am super excited to be one of the keynote speakers! You can get your tickets here. Believe me you do not want to miss it! 

@ketokarma and @ketointhecity_

@ketokarma and @ketointhecity_

New smaller sized cookies coming your way! 

New smaller sized cookies coming your way! 




I have an awesome giveaway right now on my Instagram account! 7 people will win a pack of ChocZero Dipping Cups, winners can choose between Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate!


Enter on my Instagram account! Winner chosen on Sunday 10/29! 

Enter on my Instagram account! Winner chosen on Sunday 10/29! 

KETO IN THE CITY AND CHOC ZERO by Jen Fisch via Keto In The City

You can make so many incredible desserts with these dipping cups! Shown in these images are: 



To make the Legendary Foods cookies click HERE to get the recipe! They only have 4 ingredients, so they're SUPER easy! 


The Nut Butter and Peanut Butter cups are also super easy to make! 

  • Get a silicone mold, I bought the pumpkin mold at Target
  • Melt the dipping cups 
  • Pour 1/2 the dipping cup into the mold
  • Add a spoonful of the filling 
  • Pour the other 1/2 of the dipping cup
  • Freeze for 20-30 minutes

You can get a discount on Know Foods, Legendary Foods, and ChocZero using my code KETOINTHECITY!