Nui was featured on Shark Tank

In the end of November, My friends over at Nui appeared on Shark Tank to try to land an investor for their company. Nui has been doing so well as a company. It is the perfect time to expand!

Kristoffer & Victor had a wonderful presentation and all of the Sharks loved the cookies.

They got offers from Mr. Wonderful, Barbara, A-Rod! A-Rod even said that he knows a lady who loves cookies (that would be his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez). After some sweat and some serious negotiation, they accepted an offer from Alex Rodriguez!

Kristoffer & Victor are great entrepreneurs who know the benefit of hard work. With A-Rod on their team they will be unstoppable.

Nui, formerly Keto Kookie, was one of the very first Keto brands I fell in love with. Alex Rodriguez is the perfect fit for Nui. Many athletes love these cookies.  This couldn’t have happened to nicer guys. I’m so excited for them and the Keto community in general.

I’m SO PROUD of Kristoffer & Victor from @eatnui for landing A-Rod as their shark on Shark Tank!! You can catch their episode on Hulu!

Nui cookies are about to be more popular than ever, so be sure to order yours before they sell out. Also, You can still receive cookies by Christmas if you order before 12/18.

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