KETO RECIPE: Buttery Slow-Cooker Mushrooms

Slow-cooker recipes make cooking healthy, keto-friendly meals so much easier. In the midst of a busy weekend of volleyball games and other activities, it's so nice to be able to throw these mushrooms in the slow-cooker in the afternoon and have a savory, keto, side dish ready for my daughter and I when we get home. These buttery, cheesy keto mushrooms take ten minutes to prep and cook slowly for up to four hours. 

Keto slow cooker mushrooms

For this recipe, I got to use Vital Farms' new Pasture-Raised Sea Salted Butter. THAT'S RIGHT: VITAL FARMS MAKES BUTTER NOW. It is delicious and comes from grass fed cows in the U.S.


Cremini Mushrooms have my favorite texture. But beware, they lose water as they cook so use a generous amount. If you have guests, I would suggest doubling or even tripling the recipe.

If you don't have dry ranch-dressing mix, you can mix some onion powder, garlic, pink salt, and pepper along with some dried herbs of your choice. This recipe would be amazing with some Herb Butter

Keto slow cooker mushrooms keto in the city

The finished product is so delicious! It's savory, creamy, and goes quickly. Top it with a little parsley and enjoy. 

mushrooms and parsley keto in the city

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