New Coconut Curry Lime Bone Broth from Kettle and Fire

I love the benefits of bone broth, but i have to be honest sometimes I get a little bored with the same chicken soup flavor.

Kettle and Fire recently launch a Bone Broth Flavor that is out of this world: Coconut Curry Lime Bone Broth. Made with coconut milk, this amazing Curry flavored broth is delicious and an absolute pleasure to sip.

Also it’s KETO FRIENDLY!!!

Coconut Curry & Lime bone broth is Made with real organic coconut milk and organic coconut aminos. It has only 1 net carb per serving, and 15g of good fats so you don't have to worry about carb counting. Because of the healthy fats and the 12g of protein in each serving, This Broth is basically a meal in itself. It has lots of delicious and healthy collagen that will keep you full longer.

This broth can be enjoyed by itself. Just warm it up and Sip!


You can make amazing Keto Meals using this Coconut Curry and Lime Broth! I can’t wait to add it to my slow-cooker with some chicken and serve it over some Cauli-rice!

Because the Coconut Curry and Lime Broth is brand new, Kettle and Fire is offering an awesome deal. The more cartons you buy the more you save. You could save up to 25% off your order!

Click the picture below to get all of the info on Kettle and Fire’s amazing bone broth selection! And order your cartons today!!!

Kettle and Fire Fasting Bundle

Recently I did my first bone broth fast. I hadn’t been feeling my best. My muscles were aching and I was experiencing more inflammation than usual. I candidly reached out to my Instagram Community for tips on how to combat this yucky feeling. The overwhelming suggestion was to try a bond broth fast.

I did it and the results were amazing.

At first I thought I was only going to fast for 24 hours but with the help of Kettle and Fire, I made it 68 hours! I was able to stick to bone broth and bulletproof coffee as well as electrolyte supplements. I would definitely recommend this type of fast to anyone who is healthy enough and wants to jumpstart/restart their bodies.

If you are looking to start a bone broth fast, I would recommend stocking to up on Kettle and Fire’s delicious broth. Now Kettle and Fire is offering a huge discount on their fasting bundle! You can save up to 25%!!!

If a 68 hour fast is not your style, don’t worry. Fasting doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic. In fact, millions of people practice fasting with out even knowing it. If you often skip breakfast and eat a late lunch, you are already used to practicing intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is extremely good for you, it allows your body to rest between digesting meals and focus on other things like healing itself.

I have started sipping bone broth during this period of fasting everyday. It keeps cravings and brain fog at bay! Bone Broth delivers amazing nutrients and collagen to your body without taxing your digestive system.

Kettle and Fire’s Bone Broth is made from Grass-fed and Grass-finished animals. The bones are slowly simmered with the highest quality of vegetables, herbs, and sea salt.

Kettle and Fire ships cartons of Bone Broth directly to your door. The cartons are shelf stable for up to 2 years. That means that you can take advantage of this amazing sale without having to worry about the product going badd before you get a chance to enjoy it. Buy in Bulk and you will always have Bone Broth around when you need help through a particularly hard fasting day.

Kettle and Fire even did a study on the benefits of drinking their bone broth while fasting. To read more testimonials and learn all about how to get the most bang for your buck, visit this Kettle and Fire Fasting Information page.

Kettle and Fire Keto Bundle

Kettle and Fire is helping people actually stick to their Keto Diets and change their lives with the Keto Bundle. Right now they are offering up to 15% off their delicious Keto Bone Broth when you buy it in a bundle. I sip Kettle and Fire Bone broth to keep me full and add a bunch of amazing nutrients into my diet.  

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth can help you enjoy going Keto! 

Kettle and Fire is my favorite brand of Bone Broth. It makes me feel amazing! It gives me energy and whenever I’m feeling under the weather or just off, it always makes me feel better. It has a ton of collagen and keeps you full for a long time. Kettle and Fire’s Beef Bone Broth has zero grams of Carbs or Sugar and It’s delicious. If you don’t love sipping bone broth like I do, you can always use Kettle and Fire Broth as a base for a Keto Soup. Add some Veggies, chicken, cheese and make it the Keto soup of your dreams.

Kettle and Fire was created by two brothers who are both athletes. They wanted the experience of home made nutrient rich Bone Broth but didn’t have time to cook it at home.

This Keto Bundle Sale is often. The more cartons of Bone Broth you buy, the bigger discount you get! Kettle and Fire Bone Broth is shelf stable so you can store it for a while before it goes bad. I am going to order the Ultimate Keto Bundle in order to get the 25% off discount. This way I save money and invest in my health for the next couple of months. If I have bone broth, I will use it and drink it. AND I will feel awesome! That’s why I like to keep it around!

Grab your bone broth now and get a huge savings!!!



Lately I haven’t been feeling great, my joints have been more inflamed and I’ve been really tired, so I just wanted to try something different. I decided to try a bone broth fast. I didn’t follow any specific protocol or anything, but I decided to stick to coffee, bone broth and water. Originally my plan was 24 hours, but I was actually able to last 68 hours!!!

I had two different brands of bone broth at home already, so I used those. Then I kept with my morning routine of getting a coffee at Starbucks. My usual order is a Venti Misto with Heavy Cream these days. A Misto is coffee with steamed milk (heavy cream in my case). The first two days I had 2 coffees each day and that really helped me to not get as hungry until later in the day. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what I ate:


DAY ONE (Fast began at 10pm the night before….)

  • 8am Venti Misto with Heavy Whipping Cream from Starbucks

  • 11am Large Bulletproof Coffee

  • 2pm 1 cup of Chicken Mushroom Bone Broth (Kettle & Fire)

  • 4pm 1 cup of Chicken Mushroom Bone Broth (Kettle & Fire)

  • 5pm Venti Hot Peach Tranquility Tea from Starbucks

  • 6pm 1 cup of Chicken Bone Broth (Bonafide Provisions)

  • 8pm 1 cup of Chicken Bone Broth (Bonafide Provisions)

  • 6 Perfect Keto Electrolyte Pills (20% off with code KETOINTHECITY)

  • I also had water throughout the day


  • 8am Venti Misto with Heavy Whipping Cream from Starbucks

  • 10am Venti Misto with Heavy Whipping Cream from Starbucks

  • 2pm 1 cup of Chicken Bone Broth (Bonafide Provisions)

  • 4pm 1 cup of Chicken Bone Broth (Bonafide Provisions)

  • 6pm 1 cup of Chicken Bone Broth (Bonafide Provisions)

  • Perfect Keto Electrolyte Pills (20% off with code KETOINTHECITY)

  • I also had water throughout the day


  • 8am Venti Misto with Heavy Whipping Cream from Starbucks

  • 2pm 1 cup of Turkey Bone Broth (Bonafide Provisions)

  • 4pm 1 cup of Turkey Bone Broth (Bonafide Provisions)

  • 6pm FAST BROKEN!

  • I also had water throughout the day


I also measured my ketones throughout the process. I used a breath sensor that was sent to me called Keyto. It was the first time I had used a breath sensor instead of blood testing. This particular unit syncs with your phone and is super easy to use. It doesn’t give you the same kind of measurements that the blood testers give. I was not in ketosis when I started this journey, which probably partly explains why I have been low energy lately.

A lot of people think that if you eat keto friendly food that you’re automatically in ketosis. That’s just not the case even if you restrict your carbs. You might have eaten too much or you might have eaten a new food that caused you to slip out. But when you are fat adapted you can get back into ketosis quicker and easier than others. The first day I measured Keyto Level 3, almost in light ketosis. The second day I measured Keyto Level 4, in light ketosis. On the third day I measured Keyto Level 5, in ketosis! YAY!

I really enjoyed the fasting process, which I was surprised about! I will definitely do it more often, I also think that I will probably start sipping bone broth throughout the day on a regular basis instead of eating lunch and then I will just eat dinner. Bone broth has so many great benefits, I really want to start incorporating it more into my everyday routine.


  • Rich in nutrients

  • Protects the joints and it may help fight osteoarthritis

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Healing for the gut

  • Aids in sleep

  • Supports weight loss

If you’re looking for a solution to get into ketosis quicker or just looking to reset, this might be a good approach to try. Besides feeling great overall I also lost 6lbs over the last few days which is another great bonus.