Keto Pasta… It’s a Miracle!

There is definitely a reason why entire cultures revolve around pasta. It is delicious! Pasta is the perfect carrier for cheese, garlic, bacon, and everything else. When first dedicating yourself to a keto lifestyle, you may think that your pasta eating days are over. But you can still enjoy the flavors you love with out the carbs.

Zucchini Noodles are one option- sometimes I grab a spiralizer and go to town. But I was so happy when I found Miracle Noodles.

 These shirataki noodles are made from the Konjac plants and have tons of fiber. This means that they are more filling than vegetables, and they have ZERO carbs. They also help balance blood sugar and are gluten-free.

miracle noodles keto
keto fettuccini

 Miracle Noodles have become a staple in my house. I make Keto Recipes like Spinach Parmesan Pasta or Creamy Basil Chicken Pastas a side dish for steak or to eat by itself. In the fall and winter, I love to make a Keto Version of Roasted Chicken and Cauliflower Coconut Curry With Miracle Noodles and Spinach.

This week, I’m going to make a Keto Carbonara with pancetta, parmesan, and Vital Farms eggs. I’m so excited to test out this new keto recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Spinach Parmesan Noodles
keto curry keto in the city

Miracle Noodles also makes Keto-friendly shirataki rice and more. See KETO RECIPE: Seared Salmon and Crab “Rice Bowl.”

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The last two weeks have extremely busy for me. Normally, cooking and prepping my keto meals brings me joy. But between traveling, work, and family activities, there hasn’t been a lot of time to think about cooking. 

This week is also going to be hectic, but I am going to take some time each day to focus on me.

This week I am going try to:

  • Drink more water
  • Turn off electronics 30 minutes before I go to bed
  • Do something nice for myself (take a bath, go on a walk, buy some flowers)
  • Cook delicious, colorful, keto recipes for my daughter and I

Cooking is magical for me. It is time sensitive, so it doesn’t leave a lot of room for me to think about other things. When I’m cooking, everything that has worried me during my day goes away. I am forced to be present in this moment and solve the problem right in front of me.

For this week, I’ve picked quick and easy recipes from my cookbook. I love the Steak and Egg Bibimbap. It only takes 30 minutes and feels like a fancy dinner. I will also make some jars of my Blackberry Chia Pudding for my daughter to eat in the morning and for me to enjoy for dessert.

A couple nights this week (and all weeks during volleyball season) my daughter has practice until 8, which is too late to cook, so on those nights we'll eat Keto Fridge or pizzas from Real Good Foods.

Keto Fridge makes prepared Ketogenic meals that are delivered to your home and contain perfect keto macros.The menu changes every week and you are not locked into a subscription. You just log in and choose at least 5 meals to order. Here is a full review


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Hopefully in the coming weeks, I can settle back into my usual routine, but it is so nice to know that I have quick keto options ready for me at home.  







I love when Keto snack boxes arrive! It is so much fun to open them up to a box full of surprises! This month the Keto Delivered box features a bunch of great products from Good Dee's, KZ Clean Eating, Keto Kookie, and more! To get your own box head to



Here is a list of all of the products! 

  • KZ Clean Eating Cereal. This is a brand I have featured before in a product review, but I have never tried their cereal!
  • Good Dee's Muffin Mix. I have featured their Blondies on my Instagram and they are delicious so I have no doubt that these muffins will be tasty as well! 
  • Keto Kookie Birthday Cake Cookie. I love Keto Kookie and this is one of their brand new flavors, that was recently featured on their Kickstarter! So yummy! 
  • Milkadamia Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk. I have never had this brand before, but I can't wait to try it with the cereal!
  • SunBiotics Cheesy Chipotle Pumpkin Seeds. I love pumpkin seeds and the flavor sounds delicious, I will try to eat these before my seed loving daughter steals them!
  • Galangso Rich CocoaRub. Excited to try this in my slow cooker with ribs or a chuck roast.